Friday, 2 May 2008



messytimbo said...
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messytimbo said...

this is more my level of poetry, i can't quite get my head around the larkins's and yeats's, there a bit to deep for me, and seeing that i'm still reading at a key stage 4 level, i'll stick to ones about capterpiller's.

having said that, i do think that this is a deep little poem.
i hope i remember who i was when i get my wings. at the moments i'm just flapping and going know where.

right, where's my reading folder, i need to getting cracking on this new biff and chip


Dude I'm so glad you dug it, this poem nearly brang me to a inch of weeping like a fat kid who has just dropped their Burito...but then picked up and dusted it off within 'the 5 second rule' period.

I love the line

'Will I still know myself - in wings?'.

Like you said man, it's like remebering that we can all grow wings and fly towards our life ambitions/dreams but will you remember how you evolved through life's lessons? Like you were once humble but then you turned into a absolute pie snorting berk. I can't belive I've gone this deep and I still want to come up with more theories.