Saturday, 17 May 2008


How can someone separate lie and truth?

When they walk with the liars and around the truth tellers.

It’s crazy how people live a lie when the only truth is reality.

Reality has been turned into a stage; who do people become

Once they are on stage?

You start off as the audience then you become the actor;

We know what an actor is… but what they aren't is their self.

For you see truth and lie is like a game of Tetris, you start

Off building lines of truth and you destroy the lines with lies.

Once the lines have reached zero, all truth is gone, thus you

Start a new game except it begins with lie.

Le hornet a.k.a Independent Thinker (I.T).

1 comment:

messytimbo said...

i totally feel you on the movie part. i feel like i'm in a stright to a petrol station dvd shelf, B movie horror, called... 'american ninja on Mercy Street 3' starring Eric Roberts, Robert Patrick and Robert Englund,

actually if that wasn't an analogy of my life...i think i'd like to see that film.