Thursday, 1 May 2008


Being a familiar face is such a waste,
Everyweek you find yourself in the same place,
In the company of Plastic People,
Friendships based on being deceitful,
A weasel,
Being part of a crowd of cool cat people,
With nothing to say,
The same hype they play (Commercial HipHop/Rnb followed by Bashment no less),
Self-Worth dismayed,
Groundhog day,
Weeks even,
These places only add to my fears,
Lack of education.



Alex Boakye said...

Sup R.B. - I totally feel you on this poem here; all this hanging around with others who are apparent "somebodies" just so a bit of it rubs off on ourselves is bait - we are all somebody!! Once we all feel good about ourselves and realize our own true personal worth then we'll no longer seek approval from anyone.

Don't be scared to be yourself people; by doing this a new world will open up to you - one that'll be so much more meaningful than that you think you may want.

Set yourself free.


Le Honrnet (not signed in) said...

dude, i hear that man, i feel like that everyday... this is cold, but saying that people still will never change that environment. it's the "hype"

like bathing ape... everyone wants to be a part of something.


messytimbo said...
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messytimbo said...

too true my friend, to true, i can't stand these fake nights out behind plastic sheets, people looking at each others feet and that inescapable Aura of judgmental warfar, invisible until you catch someone looking at something your wearing. that aura stinks up places and they are the stinkers.