Sunday, 11 May 2008


Her silhouette resembles a Ferret in limbo,
She’s the girl of my nightmares even though I can't sleep,
I dream that one day we can get married,
So I have the power to divorce her,
My weakness is her strength,
Even though physically I'm in the best shape of my life,
She is going to ruin my life,
A game of Thumb Wrestling can’t resolve.



messytimbo said...

sounds like you got it bad! who's this brord?

and whats going down with project De Nero, it the kinda weather to slap the frap, i'm looking to get some brain freeze, p.s i've found more card to harrison fraud!

le hornet (signed out) said...

you dont need power to divorce her, she will do for you.

women are long, allow stressing over them.

one love.

z geist (clap x 50= very impressive) out show the ignorant mother fuckers about this.