Saturday, 23 August 2008


These are two of three pieces I did for Grenade Art gallery in Portobello. The theme was the 1950's period which I naturally draw my influences from in my personal life so I was excited about the prospect of seeing other artists interpreting the 50's through their pieces. I was wrong, and so was you, if you came. The gallery was a cruel joke against humanity, but the last laugh was shared by the hype pie face plaugers who came to stand out in the rain dropping 'bah bah' conversations with absolutely no substance. You know, the albino sheep that hit YoYo everyweek without fail even though they failed themselves by believing that they appear one step ahead of the race to nowhere. You look far from cool blud, you look like BSE infected Cattle with your 'Sunday's Best' on even though it was Wednesday. It's agony to watch and their for I weep a hundred tears internally.

Thanks to the relaxed, true inspiring few that came to support me (sorry about the no show from Cilla, the sh'lag's in Rehab apparently), you know, without sometimes knowing, who you are.

Love RadicalBoulevard.


Alex Boakye said...

Yesyes RB!!

That second piece in this post is excellent - it looks like a digital re-mastering of an old movie poster, I'm really feeling it.

Well done for having your work put up in the exhibition and getting the exposure; it's just the beginning...

Peace, a_p

Lydia said...
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messytimbo said...

i really like the pieces you done for the show man. but i agree with you on the actual outcome of the show. i thought it was very weak, i have no idea what graffiti has to do with the 1950's? and if there is any link between the 2, it's a tenuous one at best.

and the cheek of that person who modified your work...what a joker, and to qoute an actual joker

"you never rub another man's rhubarb"

5star said...

Wezil dead all the silly talk

You'd be a yoyo too if you wasnt banned!


...seems like I touched a nerve. I wonder why. They know why, but don't worry they won't say anything. It's a secret remember.