Tuesday, 16 September 2008


The day 'they' dubbed today, Tuesday, 'Terrible' due to the collapse of the stinky Lehman Brothers investment bank that has struck fear into the uneducated public, aka your (but not you, you know who you are) mum. The international wankers/bankers are the people who run the world as we know it. They are not the milk bottle glasses rocking type 'as seen on TV' that offer you low apr and a Swine (Piggy) Bank if you open up a account that further enslaves you, oh no my naive acquaintance. It's definitely not the banker on the other line of Deal or No Deal, as your deal is nonnegotiable so you always end up in the 1p club wherever you like it or not. They slap you with scare tactics to justify the rise in cost of living, further resulting in higher food costs, higher tax yada yada nada. Resulting in the poor getting poorer and use your imagination for the rest. This has been happening since whenever and a prime example of this is the Great Wall Street Crash of 1929. Put that bashing session on ice and do something productive with your eyeballs and look at my RADICAL INFLUENCE links on the side to be fully reeducated. I suggest you watch Zeitgeist first, high five and thank yourself later.

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