Monday, 26 January 2009



messytimbo said...

great man! your drawing so much at the moment! it's great, and i can see your benefiting from it.

drawing on the train is a great way of fucking the london underground systerm, because were getting free life drawing models, well i say free, that oyster is fucking crazy at the moment, and it's going up. drawing on the train is the only justification i have for paying those killar prices, there's so many great poses.


Hahahaha! Its so true man. I'm getting more & more picky about what I draw on the underground as you say their are so many dramatic poses to capture. I did a sketch of one stinkin' skankin' open toe Berkinstock rockin' friend of Bershin' Rambo the other day on the H&C line. I captured him excuting the most deadleast of farts (mid fart), the 'silent but violent' type, and got his expression down, it was a frantic messy sketch but so was the fart. Watch out for that dude, he's got problems.