Tuesday, 3 February 2009



Shad said...

Your creations are always so dope man. By the way when is the label dropping cos I want a tee, I know the whole line is going to be off the chains for sure!

messytimbo said...

wow man these are so good. that top drawing is one of the best i've seen from you. the minimal line work to get that detail shows you have improved. dude i really think you should read walt stanchfield's drawing notes i sent you, i think it will support and strenghen the way your drawing at the moment.


Thanks Tim! I always get distracted away from reading them notes and will get on it straight after this. Hope your well man.

Shad who knows my tee's might be in a mad Oxfam scattered around London now, so keep a look out blud. I'll ring you soon bro peace.