Thursday, 19 March 2009


I want to voice my appreciation and say a major ThankYou to all my inspiring pals that have invested in me and given me the confidence that I can indeed make RadicalBoulevard happen. Without my pals my right armpit perspires to think what would have become of me. Perhaps I would still be busting Reebok Classics, or perhaps not. And perhaps your still rocking Reebok Classics which then I suggest you reevaluate your life. In other words I acknowledge and understand that I am deliriously lucky to have met and grown up with the people that I regard unconditional pals. I'm in a positive situation in my life where I have opportunities and have the freedom to express my interpretation of life through my creative expression RadicalBoulevard. A superior example of this is my dear pal InstantBarber. His blog is somewhere I go when I want to be inspired for see I don't know anyone who enjoys their craft as much as he does. His haircuts are visually stimulating, and also a strong distinction to his identity. WeAreHQ have just done did a interview with him to give the uneducated a insight into his world. His brother MessyTimbo has also done a interview with that website which will be available soon.


messytimbo said...

thanks for the big up man. i really like this piece man. it's got a really direct and simple way of illustrating brainwashing, it's jokes. i also really like the way you've done the radical boulevard text as well, it looks mega fresh.

instantbarber said...
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instantbarber said...

i can only be over the moon to hear stuff like that. thank you for your support bro, youve been there from the start, remember counter culture. lol, i check your blog on a daily basis and i get nothing but happyness out of seeing your work. Im inspired by RadicalBoulevard and the HYPERREAL GRAPHIC TRUTH!

Anonymous said...

your palette is so vibrant almost as if it were inspired by a Pat Butcher Evans shirt.

i think everythings looking so slick but still retains that hand drawn quality so its still undoubtedly your style. you've kept the expression and soul that can sometimes be lost when using technology, so its really cool that you've been able to use both. the juxtaposition of the medium and colour with the newspaper illustrates your idea so clearly, have you ever thought of doing ones without the captions? it might make it abit more illusive and open ended. the tie dye affect of rad boulevard might work on the brains in another context too, that looks awesome. (and breath, sorry i got carried away. next one will be shorter i promise. make sure you do the same for me when i get my shit up) x

Okay, so you're probably going, "Is this like a Noxzema commercial or what?" But seriously, I actually have a way normal life for a teenage girl.

Alex Boakye said...

Hey Mr. Radical Boulevard; I'm reeeeeeally feeling this piece. It's so direct and "in your face" even though the brain-washees are being hypnotised in plain sight - very sad... Your example of the absurd Obama-hype highlights this. When will the sheeple wake up and realise that they're being led as the crow flies straight to the Bernard Matthews slaughterhouse??

Keep doing what you're doing mayne!!

Alex Boakye said...

Ah yea btw here's a link to the new Prince 2CD "LotusFlow3r" - t

There's a third disc by some girl; but I don't have that; sorry.



RAHH TEH TEHHH! A.Pilly you slapped me with a exclusive! Thank you bro, I'm going to peep it now. hahaha as for a mad Berney Matthews the sheeple need to oppose the sheep dog and stop following their anti Christ O'bahhh'ma. Like you said it will only end up in straight Lamb Shank.