Monday, 20 April 2009


Pulverising life's obstacles fills my infrastructure,
With arrogance only the deaf will hear,
Being fluent in universal body language,
Expresses issues I don't even have to raise,
Interpretation is something to be shared,
Which I wish not to discuss,
Neglecting yourself will only be noticed,
By the people who ignore you,
We have nothing to worry about,
But you on the other hand?



messytimbo said...

dude i feel like i'm at a mad education in brentford with this track playing :)

keep educating with your poetry man.

i really like the piece below, but i don't think it's working well as a loop at the moment. but when were next free we can do some more flash.

see you soon brother


Mehhahaa! A mad educational two step dance, this one out to Proibito yeahyeahhhaha!

Timbo I so agree, I tried to slap a 'motion tween' between the frames so it wasn't so punchy. The whole concept was that the sleeping broad would be dreaming of kissing RB, and what you see on the right slowly appears so it looks like a dream state. I should have slapped a dream bubble/cloud around the right side images to give off that impression.

Thanks bro, See you sooooooon

Anonymous said...

abeid i love this so muchh it was good seeing you, call me plss xx