Thursday, 30 April 2009


You want to announce you own me,
I own you,
What makes you think I'm up for sale,
Apologize to yourself,
For giving yourself that impression,
The impression that I've grown a custom to your stink,
Did you even notice I've slapped you in a invisible Hejab,
Your eyeballs have been to busy,
Infatuated by what I've been doing,
And what am I doing,
With you,
She's got me in a creative headlock,
Is it bad that I want to be with her all the time



messytimbo said...

oh yeah? who's this about weas???

Alex Boakye said...

Heavy poem there RB - and real nice Stevie tune on ur blog!! so funky - we can work it out - WE MUST!!!


messytimbo said...

I knew you'd be the righteous brother to get it hahahahaha.

listening to this track made me have a massive stevie session and i got toooo inspired and had to start drawing.

here's another question weasel, this version or the beatles one?