Monday, 18 May 2009


Another Act against the mind manipulators. Act2 symbolises RESISTANCE & CONFRONTATION. The front design (plaster) communicates RESISTANCE (bleeding heart). The back design communicates CONFRONTATION (knocking Banksta's out). They 'the men who have put you in your invisible jail cell' are in the final stages of bringing 'order out of chaos'. The thing is, they are scared, of YOU. Think about it, you are the answer. You've known it all the time but you was sleep walking in and out of Starbucks/CrackDonalds depending on a society that has been washing your brain with Fluoride in hope that it will be too late before you RESIST and CONFRONT the Eugenics NewWorldOrder agenda. Stand proud, you posses intelligence that scares the 'world elite', this is a exciting time. I stand with you, RESIST and CONFRONT.


messytimbo said...

been rep'N mine non-stop brother, can't wait till act 3!

Alex Boakye said...

Dude - YES!!! You're smashing on such a level it's staggering; my hat goes off to you sir. I stand with you too man - RESIST and CONFRONT!!!!


Zhes said...

Where can I purchas one of these t-shirts?