Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Hello Uncle;

It’s really been a long time since I’ve spoken to you last; I hope that you are fine and enjoying yourself at home over in Ghana. Now onto business...

I’ve sent you these DVD’s because I really want you to be aware of what is potentially going on in the world. As you already know from watching television and reading the newspapers, the world is in a lot of trouble right now. From economic crisis to terrorist attacks, to even natural disasters, much of the world’s population is living in misery and with an uncertain future. The thing is, the real terrorists hide in plain sight – you don’t know them, but they certainly know you. The disasters are far from “natural”; we do not have to be living in such stress and a low quality of life. A very good friend of mine truly opened my eyes by letting me know that all the turmoil and heartache we are suffering is down to the New World Order.

The New World Order (NWO) is a movement with an evil plan. It is made up of secret societies and hidden “occult” clubs that have existed for thousand years and have one clear agenda – to rule the world by reducing the world population to a few hundred million, and to enslave those remaining and be under total control of their masters. From the Babylonians through to the Greeks, Romans, and the British; these empires have tried to invade land and their peoples all over the world and enforce their own dictatorship-style rules. Anyone that dare tries to defy them were killed. Although these factions were somewhat successful their way of life never survived, and humanity prevailed by the skin of its teeth. This has not stopped the NWO from trying to reach their goal. In the present day the “elite” of NWO members consist of extremely wealthy international financial bankers, various members of governments all over the world, and executives of leading worldwide companies. Even the British Royal family and the Vatican are deeply involved into the structure of the New World Order.

These DVD’s go into much more detail about the NWO and their plan. The DVD “Zeitgeist: The Movie” is probably the most important one to watch, but they are all essential in watching. Here is a brief example of what each DVD is about;

“Zeitgeist: The Movie” (2007) – This is the documentary that woke me up to what is going on. A zeitgeist is a myth that is used to control the masses into doing whatever the engineers of the myth want to do. This documentary claims that Christianity is a myth designed to control the people, and gives loyalty to those (in turn, “serves”) that preach out the myth of Christianity. However – as cracks have begun to show and Christianity plays a less and less role in people’s everyday lives; the NWO needed to find a new zeitgeist to gain control over the people, so it uses terrorism. The documentary then goes on to show how “staged” attacks in the modern world have triggered wars (World War I, II, Vietnam) thus killing millions and also making these financial bankers and the government puppet politicians they control extremely wealthy. It lastly explains that the these zeitgeists are the work of the NWO; and shows what it is planning right now and what its planning to do in the future – unless the people wake up and fight against these evil criminal tyrants and regain our freedom.

“The Obama Deception” (2009) - This is a new documentary that exposes Barack Obama, the new President of the United States of America as an agent of one of the most prominent of the NWO secret societies, The Bilderberg Group. It also exposes that many of the administration that he hired are Bilderberg members, and they are named. He’s being used as a figure into fooling the people of America into thinking that he will save them and improve their lives – whilst actually continuing to put in new laws that will further take away the freedoms and liberties of the US citizens. Obama is also being used to rape Africa of its natural resources. “The Obama Deception” then goes on to expose the zeitgeist myth of “global warming/ climate change”; this is being used to quietly introduce carbon taxes that don’t need to exist at all.

“Endgame” (2007) – This is the DVD that explains the system of the NWO in the most detail. In the second half it talks about a fake scientific term called Eugenics – which is about inbreeding combined with mixing in high levels of technology to make “superhumans” (so the “elite” believe); and also intends on turning humans into mindless animals that will not only never defy the NWO, but in fact be delighted into serving their masters even though they’ll be living in extremely poor conditions.

“Paul Mooney – Analysing White America” (2006) – This has nothing to do with the NWO – but I thought I’d just put a funny comedy stand-up DVD in there. Paul Mooney is an American comedian that has been entertaining since the 70’s. In this he gives his own personal thoughts into why mainstream white America is the way it is – and gives bits of his own past experiences.

You don’t have to believe what I have sent you; but please at least be aware of the possibility of there being a NWO movement with the plan of taking away your freedom, enslaving and controlling you to do exactly what they want.

Take care and look after yourself,

Alex Ofosu.



' don’t know them, but they certainly know you'.

Bughhhaa! Alex this is splendid social commentary and I commend you for such a superior piece. I'm sure it will have your uncle reaching for his hand granade in resistance!

You have a gift for writing man, please inform me if their are any other distant relatives you plan on reeducating and I will be sure to post the letter on here bro yeahyeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

messytimbo said...

All i can say is you are at your height of blindness when you think you can see everything.

instantbarber said...

Your uncle is turely lucky to have a younger member in the family who he could possibly learn something very important and vauleble from. happy watching!!


I just read it again just now, so timeless.