Wednesday, 5 August 2009


I have to express my greatest admiration for this poster. It is INCREDIBLE. The graphic element of it is so powerful, it has been executed tremendously well. What makes this poster so important is that it's message is delivered with such eclectic humor that even the anytime brainwashed beef jerky inhaling 'Hick' viewer who still believes in Obama's plagiarised Socialist propaganda slogan 'Change' is going to remember this when unfortunately they wake up and realise that it's the same one eyed man with a different grill...and this grill happens to be the Joker. Superior design.

P.S. I'm in the process of completing the RadicalBoulevard lookbook which will forecast the future Act's against the Oligarchy. I'm really excited about the future, posters like the one above remind me that my expression can't be suppressed in fear of what they want us to fear. The mad thing is they fear us. They work continuously keeping whats left of your frankly in tatters brain from thinking for ourselves. Hence T.V with Match of the Day, Eastenders, Corrination Street, Television X 10min preview etc so your self entertained while at that very moment their is genocide happening in Gaza. Keeping your attention away from whats really important in the world. Oh what? A mad Ethel from Eastenders came back from the dead to complete her vendetta of shanking anytime Dot Cotton? That important? NO. Come on. Wellard the stinky pooch resurrecting maybe. Notice how no one can make eyeball contact with anyone these days without paranoia (victims of Lazy Eye not included). It's been structured so we are detached, in-humane. Thats why we are their greatest threat, because god has gifted us with LOGIC, and if we started talking/interacting (Hence why the Internet is the biggest threat which they intend on shutting down) and showed resistance their empire would come down quicker then the World Trade Centre...which they were behind. WE WON'T CONFORM ANYMORE.

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Alex Boakye said...


I am in euphoria over this post you've made - one of the best to grace this blog. So euphoric It made me mentally climax all over my Dell computer - not many have what it takes to make me do that; nowadays...

Your analysis over the Obummer "Joker" poster is dissected exquisitely yet concisely to the point. Your then annexed rhetoric regarding current World events and the literal war on terror ie. a free thinking mind is so on the money - You really are a true Public Service Announcement; not like those Max-Factor infomercials spread out in between my daily hour-long dose of the false flag mutton rehearsal dressed as real lambs to the slaughter global Auschwitz that is Big Brother.

Keep smashin' it man - let's eyeball the NWO till they blink first.