Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Today I focus on the butters monster bird, the Owl. It is a visual monstrosity and though I don't condone back slapping owls like the title of this post suggests I do recommend reading on further to hopefully enlighten you on the Illuminati's choice of using the Owl as a worship symbol. I know that most people are put off by reading and I strongly suggest that they revisit books by Biff & Chip and rekindle your love of reading. Yet they would not have read that advice which would have saved them from being illiterate. I say to those people what I say to a pooch on heat: You deserve to be slapped with a Owl as a weapon. No, but that doesn't apply to you as you've read this far. Congratulations. You don't get a prize but I can sought out a stuffed Owl as a reward for being aware and open minded.

Bohemian Grove

Bohemian Grove is a secret society that uses the butters Owl as it's symbol of worship. The event held once a year has been visited by pie inhaling controllers of the world and satanical people in the public left and right eye such as Gordon Brown, George W.Bush, Al Gore and others. For them the Owl symbolises wisdom and being able to watch their 'prey' (us the people) in the dark, from the shadows. The owl also has the ability to spin it's frankly baff head piece 360 degrees allowing them to be in a static position but yet to see in all directions. This is a similarity to the Oligarchs who have put in place a power structure that effectively stripes us (literally with the new airport body scanners that takes pictures of your naked body to see if your holding weapons, holding willy could be used as a weapon I guess. NO.) of any privacy. Your being filmed and monitored everywhere you go. Do you have a Oyster, Credit Card, Loyalty Cards (Boots etc) Mobile Phone, Computer, Passport, CCTV on your roads? Then you are being tracked and monitored I'm afraid. Don't comfort eat on that cold Quarter Pounder just yet.

At Bohemian Grove the members participate in rituals that have been exposed. One in particular that alarms me is the ritual named 'The Cremation of Care' which entails a body (not known if real or not) is wrapped up in white sheets and dashed flung into the Owl's fire chamber to barbecue like a silly sausage. The people that are our Prime Minsters/President's take part in this barbaric ritual. So who are you voting in for the next election haha!

Above is pictures of our piercing eyed basted enemy friend of the family you can't stand, Owl hidden in plain sight on the worthless Fiat currency, the U.S one dollar bill. This tells you without saying a smelly word who owns you, in fact who owns everything. Again highlighting the shadow government.

This gave me a idea about the concept of CCTV. Effectively it is the 'urban street' Owl, it sees everything we do and has the ability to move 360 degrees to watch us in any direction, day or night. It gives me ideas on a graphics on combining the two symbols of tyranny that keeps us enslaved and under surveillance at all times.

I did some sketches of the butters thing to give me a impression of how I could fuse it with the CCTV concept. I found drawing them makes you understand the form and shape which in turn makes it easier to depict the Owl in a pose that I wanted. This applies to everything you draw.

I sketch CCTV's and incorporate the Owl on top of the street pole with CCTV eyeballs but I think this needs to be more simplified so I go onto drawing one CCTV camera on top of a Owl's headpiece and viola, it look much better. Less is more as they say, and if any slappers are reading that quote that doesn't apply to you.

I will take this rough sketch into Illustrator and mess with it so it has a clean graphic look and will post the results up in the next post. I hope that you have found this brief post detailing the symbolism behind the Owl interesting and intrigues you to find out more. With anything in life you have to gain perspectives from every angle before you can make a rational judgement on where your opinion lays on that subject. Love RadicalBoulevard x


Alex Boakye said...

RB; I'm really impressed with this post man - it's one of your best on this blog! It's like a mini-project within itself. I love your exposure, then historical background, then your unique spin on the occult symbol of the Owl, and CCTV cameras being amongst its more modern interpretations of it which the NWO is using against us all :-(

It's real insightful reading, and creatively bursting with life.

Well done.


Thank you Alex! I'm honored that you think it is a good piece as I was inspired by you man. I wanted to document a piece which shows a brief jouney of how I got inspired and how I went about bang slap clapping the idea into a 'finished' graphic. It's no secret that I'm a fan of your writing skills and a big fan of your product design, hopefully we will get to work on a project together in the near non-complying future. Salaam brother.

Mohe Zhes said...

RB this is a really insightful post man, for ages I have heard of Masons and the Illuminati but these Bohemian Grove guys are completely new to me. I saw a doccumentry on a guy who is trying to expose the American government for their secretive masquerade ways and there was a government officials building in the shape of an Owl, it goes to show doesn't it. This was a good read with some good ideas man.


Mohe good to hear from you man, I'm glad you liked the post and thank you for the comment. Yeah I had to bring attention to the aspect of the Owl as a satanic anti-god symbol of worship that most people are unaware of. It has ties with another symbol they worshiped in the past (and possibly still to this day) called Moloch! Bro google that beast and see the pictures, the name sounds exactly what it looks like. MOLOCHHH! Peace bro, Salaam.