Saturday, 5 April 2008


This is the INTRODUCTION. This text you see before you is the DESIGN upon the RADICALBOULEVARD blog. The design is to help PROMOTE the blog. I hope to draw your attention to it and encourage you to read it. When you have done that maybe you’ll be persuaded to go on and look at the contents of this blog. Then I want you to recommend it to a friend you most LOVE/HATE The idea being that the more of you that talk about this blog the better it reflects on the reputations of so called friends/acquaintances that thought they were part of something new. A good blog introduction/design is one that attracts more viewers and gives VISUAL STIMULATION. This text is trying to pull you in much like some eye-catching hardcore pornography. It is designed to get you to read it. This is called luring the VICTIM, and you are the VICTIM. But if you haven’t already been conditioned then I suggest you STOP READING NOW! Because all I’m attempting to do is to get you to read on. Yet this could be perceived as REVERSE PSYCOLOGY because if you indeed stop you’ll be doing what I tell you, and if you read on you’ll be doing what I’ve wanted all along. And the more you read on the more you’re falling for this simple device of telling you exactly how a good commercial design works. Its MANIPULATION and this is the worst case of MANIPULATION of all since its describing the MANIPULATION whilst trying to MANIPULATE you, and if you’ve read this far then you have indeed been MANIPULATED but you wouldn’t have known unless you’d read this far. At least I’m telling you directly instead of seducing your eye balls with a beautiful or haunting visual that may never tells you its real agenda. I’m letting you know you ought to view the contents of this blog because in essence it’s a PRODUCT of RADICALBOULEVARD and PRODUCTS are to be consumed and you are a consumer and this is a splendid PRODUCT. I could have written the blog’s name is special lettering so that it stood out and you’d read the introduction anyway. What I’m really trying to express is that you are ONEANYTIMEPIEFACEGUY to read or not read a blog merely as a consequence of the design of its introduction. This is a con because if you agree then you’ll probably like this text – Which is the introduction to the blog. But I’ve just warned you against that. The con is a con. A good blog introduction/design could be considered as one that gets you to view the entire blog and leave you stranded pleading for more. BUT that actually never happens to you (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) because you know it’s just an introduction/design. And this is the INTRODUCTION.

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