Wednesday, 20 October 2010


I was recently asked a question that nearly made me choke on a imaginary pretzel.

"Do you hate Jews?"

I was shocked because the person who pinned this question on me was not a close friend. I strategically, to give myself a few seconds to regain my composure, threw a question back.

"What gave you that impression?" I asked.

"I had seen a post on your blog entitled 'POLE DANCING JEWS' and read your comment saying you felt that Jews did not belong in Israel."

My reaction was like a stranger told me my willy was hanging out of my trousers zip.

I honestly had totally forgotten about that post.

I'll say this what I said to my acquaintance at best (you know its true if your reading).

At the time of that post, and what inspired me to draw and write about the situation in Gaza, their were protests outside the Israeli embassy where I was working in High Street Kensington everyday for a month by Palestinians (and other people of all religions and backgrounds) who were protesting about the continuing war and further land domination of Gaza.

I would go out on my lunch break and compelled by the peoples continuing efforts and hearing some of their experiences and accounts of life in Gaza I got inspired to do my own research on the situation. Admittedly in retrospect my comments are flawed and my research was naive, and as with everything in life, I've continued to learn about something I didn't fully understand and in this case the subject of Gaza and have found that I have indeed made a mistake and that the comments I made on that post could be seen as anti-semitic.

That said my beliefs have not changed, let me elaborate.

Jews and Muslims are one from the same pea pod, we are brothers, we believe in the same one God. What I've learned like so many people who aware of how propaganda works, religion is the enemy to the leaders of the shadow world dictators because they understand harmony that the Torah, Qu'ran and Bible teaches will not cement their one world agenda.

We are warned against it (one world government) that's why in the media religion is like football teams, today it will be Muslims United vs Jews Rovers and tomorrow Christian FC vs Catholic Hotspurs. Depicting religions as enemies when our holy books tells us the opposite, but that never gets air time because then we won't fear anymore and that means we won't be dependent on a structure that wants to destroy humanity. In fact we are doing that job for them, we have been manipulated to kill ourselves.

The point I'm trying to make is that with every religion their is a political agenda that pushes us to fight amongst ourselves, for instance Al Qaeda (Muslim) and Zionists (Jews).

And in the case of the current situation in Israel and the wars in Gaza these are all no doubt Zionist agendas.

Zionism does not represent Jews and Al Qaeda does not represent Islam.

These extremist groups are owned by the same power structure and represent anti-God. Like with boxing, the promoter say for example Don King, owns both fighters. So he can watch on from the sidelines with his hair standing perm, cigar in mouth and a burly fat bastard grin. Why? Because he wins either way.

Don't believe in religion you say?

The power structure has other plans for you, you can be part of the new age religions. A religion that doesn't announce its self as a religion but instead disguises its self as a positive movement like saving planet earth from global warming which is incredible, but when you dig deeper you find out that the same organization is owned by oil firms who dump waste into seas.

Then they get the funds of the saving planet earth movement (new taxes on everything from carbon footprint to taxing your pet hamster for living and running on a wheel like sadly most of humanity is doing) to save the planet and clear the waste they've created. Destroy and rebuild. This is just one small example and by all means please do your own research if you are skeptical of any statements I've made on this post.

I want to apologize if you were/are offended by any comments on my blog. I will never delete them as I feel it expresses my honest evolution in understanding the world I live in. Like with everything, you learn from your mistakes and I was mistaken with that comment and drawing about Jews.

I don't however apologise for seeking the truth.

Love RadicalBoulevard x


Thank you to everyone who commented, so interesting to hear your perspectives on religion. Here is a video I came across and wanted to share with you on the subject of 'Isreal' that echos my own view. Pause the player on the side and press play below.


SuperStead said...

A man once said - LOVE IS THE ONLY REAL TRUTH - EVEYTHING ELSE IS ILLUSION!!! That is what I truely believe.

You can believe in GOD but do not believe in any religion that is written and administered by MEN!!! For as history has shown us time and time again - ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY!!!

There are forces in this world that we cannot comprehend or understand and no man can truely die and come back to tell us what our fate holds!

With this in mind we should focus on our thoughts and actions in this lifetime. Religious and cultural differences should be recognised but not focused on, for if we focus on our differences too much we inevitably divide ourselves.

The western power structure - and in fact most major power structures throughout history have sought to use religious indoctrination as a tool to plicate, divide and rule the masses. Religion is used as excuse for suffering ( "it doesn’t matter if you suffer in this life because you are going to heaven") and religion has been used as an excuse to legitimise disgusting acts of violence and persecution (every major war that we know about has in some way had religion as a defining factor was used to cause good people to hate and kill each other)

We are in 2010 and although we have advanced as a species we are also regressing. Moving towards materialism & consumerism we no longer consider what is good for the people but only what is good for us. We are forgetting the basic driving forces in our lives that bring happiness and peace to the soul.

What brings happiness is LOVE! We are all one people - all human beings. We all share the earth and we all want to survive and experience what life has to bring. It is hard to find direction with so many influences and distractions and many people feel they need religion to make sense of this world, their lives and what it all means.

Many people say that at the root all religions are the same as they promote ideas of Love, Solidarity, Respect, Discipline and Understanding. Therefore the question I ask is this:

If religion promotes love for fellow man then do we really need religion or do we just need LOVE?

I am only one small human being in this vast universe and I don't claim to have all the answers but it doesn't take a genius to see that LOVE conquers all!

Believe what you want to believe - think what you want to think - but believing and thinking are not knowing. Faith is based on ideas in our brains. you cannot see faith or touch it. But LOVE is tangible - you can SEE love all around you. When people reach out and help each other, when people work together, when people share with each other, when people enjoy experiences together, when people struggle together, when people sacrifice their lives to save others…

Everyday we manifest actions of either LOVE or HATE - are actions take very different shapes but the underlying motivations always come back to either LOVE or HATE.

So the question really is not what colour you are, not what religion you are, not what GOD you believe in or what you think happens when we die. The question is simply this: ARE YOU A LOVER OR A HATER???

I’m a LOVER - What are you???

Peace Love & People Power!


messytimbo said...

To Be Honest there's few things i could agree with you on here.

The main one i could agree with, though i'd make a slightly different arguement with, is that not believing in religion is the same as believing in religion.

People are scared of not knowing, scared of not understanding our existence. So to put out that fire of there fear, they chalk it up to something, Atheism, nihilism or religion. what ever path is chosen in your beliefs the same Phycological event has taken place.

you just answered the meaning of life, Which i feel is more an act of escapism then anything else, escaping the fear that you don't know why we're here. and i'm not talking as a race, why were here as a planet, as a solar system, as a universe, as just physical matter, why anything exist at all.

my personal views are i just don't know why we are here, i ponder it everyday. that's not to say i don't believe were created, but if we were, my opinion is that it's not by any thing we understand as a creator now.
the universe is so perfect so hugely detailed, complex and vast (and that's only to the degree that we understand now). and if all this perfection was created by a god, then why would he communicate it via something as crude and changing and unscientific as language? why would he put foot notes at the bottom of his pages so we can understand him better? Why would he create other religions which contradict each other and we again communicated in other languages.

It doesn't make sense and it doesn't sound like the same guy who could have created all we know.

if there is a god, or creator, i think it's nothing like us, or what we can comprehend, because we can only comprehend what has come before us.

that's why a lot gods sound like angry men

Anonymous said...

"and as with everything in life, I've continued to learn about something" that's the true evolution...

as for my view on religion a
LE hOrNet Quote:

"Science estimates Religion Separates find god within your own universe"

But I believe in a higher power and communication from different realms, for when you come from a western world, which is run by material.

It is hard to know where you truly belong as you know most justify their belief out of fear.

God is not a person of words, only action;

for a man who acts in his physical existence will be closer to god than a man who preaches about him.

LE hOrNet of...


Anonymous said...

Remember world war 2? Don king funded both sides even back then...but with a lesser white beard and a more white skin...but nuff with the semantics.

All i can say is even brother swaggart cant get outa this one! Listen to Ahmed deedat and pop your collar when you hear his bar's!

Alex Boakye said...

I believe in God; the creator of all the worlds and of everything inside and outside of them. He is one; there is no other that can compare to Him.

I often find it very hard to accept myself, but I believe that He created the devil; but allowed him respite until the Hour of the Day of Resurrection - this is so [with the gift of free will that he has blessed upon us] mankind can make up its own mind as whether to follow the message of God, or otherwise.

It's a matter that faces us throughout our lives, and is perhaps the most important decision we can ever make - as I also believe that our final home for our souls to live in forever more after His judgement on the Day of Resurrection hinges on what option is chosen regarding beliving in Him or not.

The choice is yours [after all; He gave it to you!!] - what will you choose?

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above statement but it must be said:

Religeon was created by the devil in my opinion. Islam is not a relegeon but a way of life. Its a faith...But many of us have lost faith in the devine hence why we apologise more to other people but how often do we apologise to god himself? How many times do we get down on our knees and put our hand up to the sky for forgivness? But we do aplogise to GAY-Z if we step on his shoes, we do suck up to megan fox when she walks in the room...this is what the zionists have created...the need to pray to false the days of the biblical useD to pray to stone calfs and golden in 2010 men pray to 'stoned' rockstars and 'monkeys' with 'golden' rolex'. So what is the differnce?? WAKE UP PEOPLE! This goes to the 'aquaintance'-This isnt a battle against jews and jew bashing...its a battle againts the zionist regime...thats what this is all about! In one way or another...the zionist's are trying to manipulate us all...the only differance is that the word 'tribe' has been replace by 'jew' OR 'Muslim'

RB-great piece man!

Mohe Zhes said...

This was a VERY interesting read RB. good post.